We provide quality advice about insurance to meet your needs, advice about home loans, investments and everything in between.

 I’m Paul Surman and our team at Aim Financial pride ourselves on doing a great job and ensure we get it right from the start.

I am privileged to have been trusted by these individuals, families and businesses to provide advice and expertise on some of their most important life decisions. I have been as richly rewarded as they have been by watching them reap the returns of all the best investment strategies and being there when they need it the most financially

Together we put together a vision of the future and a sound financial plan that guides smart decisions at every stage of life. From making sure we can get you that home loan, to tailoring quality life insurance recommendations and advice about investing to your own personal situation. With every new idea, opportunity and challenge we work towards your personal picture of future financial success.

Before I was a financial consultant; I started, ran and sold several very successful businesses. This included a property management company and a multi-site retail franchise. Through hard-won experience I know what can happen when the wheels come off, how to keep them on, and how to go faster than the competition and win the race.

I’m backed by the knowledge and power of Kepa Financial Services, the largest financial advisors institute in New Zealand. Through Kepa I can offer my clients the benefit of up-to-date market information and training, strong relationships with financial institutions and complex infrastructure support.

If my advice sounds like just what you need, let’s meet for a chat so you can see how we are able to help and answer any questions you might have.

Your first meeting with me is always free, and many of my services such as tailored life insurance, mortgages, and some investments— are free of charge as well. I will always inform you if there are any costs associated with my service up front.

Disclosure Statements relating to Aim Financial advisers are available on request, free of charge.

Call today to ensure you have a plan for your financial future and discover the best investment strategies to make your money count.

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