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Hello, I’m Paul. Talk to me today about better money management.

As we all know, money does not grow on trees. Unfortunately neither does expert advice about investing.

Like most people, you probably believe you’ll live to a ripe old age with your earning naturally increasing throughout your working life. But let’s look at some numbers together.

  • Accidents and sickness prevent two out of five people from working for six months or more.
  • Almost 30% of us face the prospect of long-term illness or disability.
  • One in six men aged over 30, and one in nine women aged over 30, will die before they’re 65.

On the brighter side, even if you are on the right side of these statistics, life happens and better money management can help. You want to have a family. Buy a house. Invest in education, or business, or a trust. Support friends and family in need. Retire in wealth, champion causes, or travel the world.

Advice about investing gives you choices and frees you to live your best life. While your money will never grow on trees, together we can grow it to match your goals and take care of all your worst-case scenarios.

Let’s have a chat today about how better money management can protect your income, your family, your business, and your future.